From creating art to honing woodworking skills to celebrating history and nature, the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club gives its members abundant opportunities to enjoy each other’s company, fulfill passions or learn a new craft.

Art Club

Our seasonal art club holds weekly gatherings where you can share techniques with others, use Hiawatha-supplied equipment or work on personal projects. We also offer workshops, led by art club members or guest artists. The workshops can cover everything from watercolor landscape techniques and drawing to matt cutting and silk painting. The Art Club hosts an annual Art & Hobby Show where our artists showcase their work. </br></br> Additionally, we are not just an art club, we are part of history – Paintin’ Place, where we enjoy making art, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Craftsman's Club

The Craftsman’s Club provides fellowship and promotes all forms of craft skills, but especially woodworking. We have donated shop equipment of all kinds, including tools, two kilns, and a potter’s wheel. A generous supply of planed and rough-sawn lumber is available for future projects. Members pay a nominal fee and have access to the shop 24/7 for their personal projects or to assist others in the Hiawatha community. The club also creates small projects each summer for children and adults. And, like the nearby Paintin’ Place, our restored 1931 building is on the National Register for Historic Places.

Hiawatha Nature and Historical Society

Since the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club’s founding in 1927, our members have been passionate about three things: our magnificent natural setting, our heritage, and our sense of community. The Nature and Historical Society was created to promote an appreciation of all three. </br></br> Society members maintain our beloved trails so everyone can enjoy them. They make HSC history come alive by caring for the Club Museum and sponsoring programs of importance to members. Above all, they bring members together with beach picnics, corn and pig roasts, nature hikes and more.