With 35,000 acres of woods and water – or more than 54 square miles –
The Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club offers members tons of space and solitude to hunt game, whether that’s whitetail deer, grouse, bear, or waterfowl.
The club actively maintains its land to produce the best hunting possible. Our forestry program, along with a corps of volunteers, has established 120 acres (and growing!) of food plots throughout the club.

Deer Hunting

With only about 200 deer hunters, the HSC doesn’t have the pressure you might find at other private clubs, let alone on public land. Want to hunt during bow or muzzleloader season? You’ll practically have the forest to yourself. Many of our members take advantage of this large tract of land with low hunting pressure to go back to the old ways. Antler restrictions have helped HSC hunters harvest older, larger bucks, even in lean years.

Small-Game Hunting

Our timber program focuses on wildlife habitat, not financial gain. Fresh aspen cuts and open grasslands create prime hunting for grouse and other small game. Hunters find the property enjoyable because sometimes you can hunt all day and never see another hunter in the woods.

Bear Hunting

Most of the bear population in Michigan resides in the Upper Peninsula. With usually no more than 10 bear hunters sharing our massive woods, the chances of having a successful bear hunt at the Club are great! We typically harvest three to six bears each year.

Waterfowl Hunting

The club’s lakes and ponds, including Millecoquins Lake, provide great opportunities for this sport. Our smaller private lakes and ponds offer jump-shooting duck and goose opportunities. The upper and lower Millecoquins are a favorite for pass shooting ducks and for those that like to hunt from a boat, Millecoquins Lake is a great spot to set up for an early morning hunt.

Quality Game Management Unit

This 400-acre unit of our property with special rules to offer a “Quality Deer Management” style hunt. The property is located on some of our best land with nearly 30% of the parcel being in food plots and farm fields. While the QGMU is known for its deer hunting, this area is open and not limited to small game hunting, bear hunting, waterfowl hunting, berry picking, and hiking.

Hunter Education

The Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club is proud to host the field portion of Hunter Education Classes offered by the Michigan DNR. Many of our members volunteer with local Conservation Officers to offer this opportunity for local youth to complete their Hunter Safety Certificate.