A wide variety of sports opportunities, limited only by your imagination, await you at HSC’s vast expanse of forests, lakes and streams. The fresh air and beautiful vistas may calm you or quicken your pulse depending on your chosen activity.


We invite you to surround yourself with the beauty of our vast forests and walk among the majestic pines and diverse hardwoods. Lose the worries of life’s daily challenges and breathe in the scent of nature’s perfume as you listen to the wind playing in the tall trees.


The waters of the HSC beckon you play upon the ripples of the streams, wade with happy children in the lakes and forest ponds, or create memories in the waves crashing upon the sand of our privately accessed six mile stretch of Lake Michigan beach. 


The desire to explore is in all of us.  Pack your camera, a picnic lunch and a compass for your next wilderness adventure on the many miles of winding trails in the pristine forests of the HSC. Drive, hike, or mountain bike! Above all, take your time. Savor the experience.