Water Sports

Kayak boats - Sunset
Kayak Launch
River Regatta
Sailing tubing
Wood pecker hole in tree
Girl Tubing

Lake Millecoquins

Lake Millecoquins covers 1000 acres and is the starting point of water sports enjoyment for many HSC members.  About 65% of the shoreline is owned by the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club and its members. Though the lake is public and has a public boat launch outside of Club property, use by non-members is low, which provides members an unlimited opportunity for water sports. In addition, there is a members-only boat launch provided in the Club residential area. The Club rents kayaks, paddle boats, water bikes and boats with small motors. Members can enjoy virtually exclusive use of the lake and uninterrupted time for kayaking, canoeing, water-biking, water-skiing, tubing, sailing and sunset cruising throughout spring, summer and fall. Our 42 rental cabins include a small boat on the lake to take advantage of rowing or cruising with your own motor, or one rented from the Club. 

Private Inland Lakes and Ponds

We have three lakes and two ponds within the boundaries of the Club that are only available to Club members.  The Club actively manages these lakes and ponds and has an extensive fish planting program.  As the Club lakes and ponds are primarily used for fishing, there are no restrictions for row boats, kayaks or canoes other than fishing etiquette. The Club maintains row boats on its beautiful private Elbow, Pull Up and Cranberry Lakes. Pullup Lake is a 200 acre lake that is fairly shallow and has two picnic areas located on its shores, with pavilions, tables, and BBQ grills.  Cranberry Lake is home to Pike, Perch, and Walleye.  Set in the remoteness of the northern forest and fed by Cranberry marsh to the East, this 250 acre lake measures 25’ at its deepest.  Cranberry Lodge, a log cabin with a wood stove, picnic tables, camp fire pit and grill, sits on a bluff overlooking the lake and is open for members to use on a first come first serve basis.  The setting and view will give you the feeling of remote Canadian fishing camp.  It is over 6 miles from the nearest paved road.  Rowing or paddling around the lake and hearing nothing but the wildlife is a special water sport that only Club members can enjoy.

Rivers and Streams

There are over 35 miles of rivers and streams on the Hiawatha Club composing two distinctly different river systems.

The Upper Millecoquins River, Jocko Creek, and Cold Creek are all very cold and located above Millecoquins Lake.  Their water temperature ranges from the upper 40’s to the upper 50’s in the middle of summer and are home to some great Brook and Rainbow Trout.  The area is very remote and bumping into a bear is almost as likely as seeing another fisherman. Canoeing or kayaking would be an adventurous way to explore these waters for the nature lover or photographer.

The Lower Millecoquins River is fed out of the south end of Millecoquins Lake and empties into Lake Michigan west of Naubinway.  Members voluntarily maintain the lower river with an annual spring river clean up, providing over 11 miles of river to enjoy kayaking, canoeing or even tubing. A private launch near the HSC campground on the lower river provides easy accessibility for members. The Club hosts an Annual river regatta and other events which are enjoyed by many who either participate or cheer participants on from the private residential areas along the south end of the lower river.  At times, Club activities are planned in concert with water sports events to bring members together at our private ½ mile long Lake Michigan Club Beach with its own pavilion picnic area. Members mingle and meet water sports participants at the end of their run for a BBQ or pot luck party with a campfire into the evening.

Lake Michigan

The Club spans over 5 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline providing members unparalleled water views and lake front ownership opportunities. The Club’s private beach is at the center of this shoreline about 1 mile west of Naubinway, Michigan, with approximately ½ mile of private beach available for members to enjoy. Watching eagles fish at the mouth of lower Millecoquins River, fishing, kayaking the river into the big lake, canoeing, motor boating, skiing or tubing, sailing or just sitting and watching everything on the water truly are some of the incomparable experiences available to members.