O'Neil Creek Walking Trail

Download the O'Neil Creek Trail Map here.

This walking trail is marked in red down near US-2 on the Club trail map.   The trail is a short distance north on Graylock Road from the US-2 entrance to Graylock.   The walking trail’s south entrance (closest to US-2) is marked with a sign and there is parking for two to three vehicles at this entrance.   There is another parking area just north on Graylock on the left side.  O’Neil walking trail is well traveled and very obvious.  It is also well marked with orange markers on trailside trees. 

This trail will take you past some of the largest pines and cedars on the Club!   Standing under one of these magnificent trees is an amazing experience.  Walking the trail counter clockwise, O’Neil Creek will be on your left along the trail.  It starts out only a few feet wide with a noticeable current, but down the trail it widens and slows down.   This creek is being restored into trout habitat, so you may have the opportunity to see a surfacing trout during your hike. 

As you hike to the east along the creek, you will approach the Millecoquins River.   At this point the creek narrows again.  There is a sturdy wooden walking bridge to cross the creek where it joins the river.   After crossing the bridge, you will follow an easy trail north and back to Graylock Road.  Turn left onto Graylock and follow the road a few hundred yards back to the starting point of your hike. 

O’Neil Creek trail is 9/10ths of a mile in length, including the few hundred yards on Graylock.  This trail can easily be covered in an hour at a normal walking pace.   There are a few short steep slopes that require caution to avoid slipping.    Hikers with difficulty walking or who require walking aids should use extreme caution on these areas of the trail.   As with all walks in the woods, don’t forget your bug spray!


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