Jim Beck Cross County Relay Trail

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Marker for the Start of the South Trail
A few years ago, Jim Beck laid out a one-mile Cross Country Relay course at the Hiawatha airfield for the Engadine Invitational cross country meets.   Since few people like just running on a wide-open airport runway, Jim designed and laid out the course to use the woods surrounding the runway.    It is an enjoyable and easy hiking trial for everyone to enjoy.   

For the full mile, you would start at the hanger at the airfield.   Head south toward the runway and when reaching the runway, head east toward the brush burn pile.  Move to the south side of the runway and look for the fence post with the white metal disk attached.   This is the starting point for the south woods trail.   

Follow the white disks along the trail to where the trail comes back out to the runway, near the west end. 
For the full mile, you should hike to the end of the runway before going to the north side.   Or, you can simply walk across the runway and slightly east while looking for the second fence post with the white disk.  

The North Trail winds gently through the woods, heading back East toward the hanger.   The North Trail does have a steep bank that rises about five to 10 feet.  It is walkable, but steep.   At the top of the bank, the trail continues to a sand dune area.   No grass or vegetation, just beach sand until you get back out to the runway.  Hope you don’t mind a little sand in your shoes. 
To finish the route, simply follow the runway east to the taxi way and back to the hanger.

If you just want to enjoy the trails, simply park at the start of either trail and walk the trail.   If the Cross Country meet is held the last week of August, this trail may be off limits to hikers for a day or two.  

Enjoy your hike through our natural wonders.  



Markers on South Trail
 Marker for the Start of the North Trail