Historic Bob Rowe Trails

Many of the Hiking Trails on the Hiawatha Sportsman's Club were established by Mr. R. Robinson "Bob" Rowe.  He was a naturalist and cartographer who resurrected hiking trails from deer paths, Native American and logging trails.  His original map he created for the Hiawatha Nature and Historical Society in 1970 is pictured on the right.  It includes many favorite trails including, Elbow Lake Trail, Rapids Trail, Bluff Trail, and many more.  

Just remember it isn't just a trail your walking on, it's a piece of club history.  

One of the most majestic overlooks on the trails was named as a memorial site to Mr. Rowe, now known as Rowe Overlook.  It is a fitting honor to a visionary HSC Member. This is a great place to stop, rest, take a deep clear breath, and relish in the magnificent beauty of the Upper Peninsula.  You can see for miles and miles from here as the song goes . . . . .

A revision of the map was made in 2020.  Click the map  to download.