Family Hiking Game

The historic hiking trails near the HSC Museum can be a fun way for your family to spend the day.  To make it even more fun, why not try out this fun matching game!

Here is an excellent hand drawn map of the trails, which can be used for our Matching Game.  This game was developed for the younger set, but the challenge can be enjoyed by all.

Use the list of trail signs (far right), and match them to their location on the map (right).  The trail signs on the list have been numbered, so mark the corresponding sign number on the map.  The printable version can be downloaded below; it even includes the key with the correct answers.

Click the Picture to Download.

Printable Family Hiking Game (includes the key)


Once you've enjoyed the Historic Hiking Trails, take our Trivia Quiz.

Question #1:  What trail has a toothpaste name?

Question #2:  What trail name starts with the name of a body part?

Question #3:  What will you find in the middle of Erratic Trail that is part of the trail name?

Question #4:  What will you find in the river at the end of the Rapids Trail?

Question #5:  The old Riding Stable was located near what trail?  Treasure hunt:  Find the old Riding Stable in the Museum.  Is it a photo or a painting?

Question #6:  What name was given to the giant bush?

Printable Trivia Questions and Answers