Elbow Lake Walking Trail

Download Elbow Lake Hiking Map here.

The Elbow Lake walking trail is also marked in Red on the Club trail map.   Look for this red trail on the map near the bottom, above the town of Naubinway and just west of Naubinway Road.   The trail is about a mile in length.  The marked entrance can be reached by taking M Trail to the East off of G Trail.  Look for the sign to the McNamara Memorial.   Follow M Trail just past the Elbow Lake boat ramp, or by taking M Trail off of Naubinway Road and traveling west on M Trail.   The gate to M trail is right across Naubinway Road from the south side of the Natural Gas pumping station.   Always stay to the left when the trail forks to stay on M.
The walking trail entrance is at the north east corner of Elbow Lake.  (Look at the top of the “L” for “Elbow Lk.” on the Club map)   Look for the sign for the McNamara Memorial.  
Just past the McNamara sign, there is a green and white sign for the Elbow Lake Trails.   Just past the green and white sign, on the left side of the trail, is the stone and bronze plaque for the McNamara Memorial.   The trail is well marked with the orange disks on the trail side trees.   There is a picnic table about a hundred yards into the trail.   The table site overlooks the lake, but there is no access down to the lake at that point.   From the picnic table, look down the slope to the east and you can see the 3D Archery Trail.  Take a short walk to the trail, turn North and look for the sign post with the cross arm.   Stand near the sign post and in season you will see one of the targets.  (In 2012, this target was a full sized Bear.  A little shocking if you don’t know it is there.)  As you walk back to the Elbow Lake Trail, don’t forget to turn and go back up to the picnic table, or you will end up at the golf course.
Elbow Lake Trail is an easy trail to walk, no steep hills to slide down or rough areas to cross.   The trail is well trimmed, so you can walk it in shorts, but don’t forget the bug spray.   There are two marshy areas at the south east end of the trail that are covered with logs so you won’t have to walk in the mud.   The logs may be slippery, so watch your step.   At the south east corner of the trail, the trail comes to a “T”.  At this point on the trail, the “Orange” trail turns to the right.  You can see the orange trail markers on the trees.  For first timers, this is the recommended route and follows the route marked in red on the Club map.   For those whom have walked the trail before, they may want to look to the left at this point and look for the dark green trail rectangular markers on the trees.   This is an alternate walking trail and is also maintained, but not to the same degree as the orange trail.   The green trail markers are more difficult to see from a distance and even more difficult in low light conditions.   If you decide to take this alternate route, follow the green trail markers and you will come out on an old logging road.  The trail turns right and follows the road.  The green trail markers continue to mark your path down the road.   This road will take you all the way back to M Trail.  The orange walking trail will join the road as you get closer to the lake and the two trails will run together out to M Trail.    Once back out at M Trail, turn right and follow the road back to the trail entrance.   You will pass the gravel boat launch on Elbow Lake as you walk down M trail.   Take a moment to walk to the end of the ramp and take a look at Elbow Lake.   You may get to see a Loon or other water fowl on the lake. 

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