Take a Self Directed Hike!

Check out these Historic Walking Trails

The trail maintenance group of the Hiawatha Nature & Historical Society has been busy trimming, cleaning, and marking several historic walking trails.  These are easy to moderate trails and will provide you the opportunity to enjoy and marvel at some of the natural features of our Club.

Two walking trails are marked on the Club Trail Map.

Printed copied of the Club Trail Map are available at the Club Office.
You can also print your own copy by downloading it below.

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Historic Trails

The Hiawatha Nature and Historical Society also maintains the Historic Bob Rowe Trails.  This trail system includes great hikes including, HSC Museum Area Trails, Erratic Trail, Bluff Trail, and Crest Trail.  You can print your own copy of the Historic Bob Rowe Trails by clicking here.

Another great way to explore the Club on foot is to check out Historic Logging Camps.  The Hiawatha Nature and Historical Society has mapped all the locations of historic camps.  
You can print your own copy of by visition the Historic Logging Camp page.  


Elbow Lake WalkingTrail

This 0.9 mile foot trail is easy, quiet, and beautiful.  It begins at the Monument dedicating the plantation of 30,000 red and white pines in 1947 to the memory of Alta McNamara.  Soon you will have a view of beautiful Elbow Lake to your right.  As the trail turns west, it passes through a spruce forest, meandering northwest through a mix of aspen, spruce, and maple trees.  Finally your foot path turns Northeast heading toward the existing road which is M-trail.  At the north end follow M-trail passing the picnic area and boat launch to the trails beginning.  

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O'Neil Creek Walking Trail

This foot trail is 1.1 miles of fairly rugged terrain.  Look for wintergreen, wild lily, bracken fern, and wild blueberry.  Follow the creek bank, look up at the large white pine, then enjoy white and black spruce, balsam fir, and a lovely cedar grove near the bridge.  Cross the foot bridge as the creek flows into the Lower Millicoquins River and proceed up a bank into a meadow of ferns, virgins bower vine, golden rod, and finally Greylock Road.  Follow Greylock Road south to the parking area.  Watch for pink lady's slipper, clintonia, starflowers, and bunch berry on the side of the roadway.   

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Printable version of Elbow Lake Walking Trail Printable version of O'Neil Creek Walking Trail