Hiawatha Nature and Historical Society

Since the founding of the Hiawatha Sportsman's Club in 1927, its members have been passionate about three things: the magnificent natural setting which is our club, the heritage that has developed over the past eighty years and the sense of community which has been an integral part of the Club's appeal. The Nature and Historical Society was founded by HSC members to foster and develop a continuing appreciation for and understanding of these three areas.

We're the people who love the trails and don't mind spending a little time to help others come to love them too. Whether it is with a rake and chainsaw, or a map, or a GPS unit, we work to help everyone appreciate the beautiful Nature around us.

We are also the people who work to make sure the Hiawatha Club never forgets those that have come before and the traditions that have made the Club the amazing place it is. We work to make the Club's history accessible to all its members by maintaining the Club Museum and sponsoring evening programs that highlight items of importance to members.

And, maybe most importantly of all, we are the people who bring members together. Through the beach picnics, corn roasts, pig roasts, nature hikes and group work sessions which we sponsor, members have a chance to meet other members, share good times, and create great memories.

Mainly, we love HSC and we enjoy sharing it with everyone. We would encourage you to join us. We don't require a lot of your time or money (dues are $3.00/individual, $5.00/family). Joining is easy. Just watch for notices in The Council Fire or weekly schedules and show up. Depending on what we are doing that day, you may need to bring a rake, a camera, a walking stick, or maybe just a healthy appetite, but do come.

"We look forward to sharing the Hiawatha Sportsman's Club's past, present and future with you."

- Jim Beck | Hiawatha Nature and Historical Society President

Museum Closing

With the help of HNHS members/volunteers the HSC Museum, with its vast collection of HSC artifacts and information, is open in the summer for all members to visit and enjoy.

Evening Program

A long standing tradition of HNHS is the evenings at the Museum, where members are entertained, enlightened, and informed.

Jim Rut Ledge HikeNature isn't just our name; it's also in much of what HNHS does like annual hikes to little-known but interesting places on the Club led by Jim Rutledge.

Stop by the HSC Heritage Center to see all that the HNHS has to offer.

Corn RoastFun, food, and friends are part of any HNHS Summer as experienced at the annual Corn Roast at Pullup Lake which is open to all HSC members and their families.
Kids' activities, like nature hikes, are a big part of HNHS and are centered in the Naomi Children's Museum, a separate area where kids can learn about and enjoy nature.  Of course, they are always welcome to bring their parents also.