The Arts at HSC

     The Arts at HSC are sponsored by the Art Club, which supported by the Board of Governors, and has been in existence since 1950.  We are not just an Art Club; we are part of our national history.  On November 30, 2011, Paintin’ Place, the building in which we are located, was placed on the National Register for Historic Buildings.  
     Our goal as a club has been to provide opportunities for HSC members, their families, and guests to appreciate and participate in the Arts. 
     We are a seasonal club, with very small annual dues, and currently meet once a week on Tuesdays to work on personal art projects.  The first Tuesday of every month is reserved for our business meeting.  We are open to all adult HSC members and their guests. 

What we have to offer to our members

      We offer weekly gatherings, a library, and shared materials such as an enlarger and matt cutter.  We offer Workshops in various mediums and techniques, ranging from 1 day to 4 day workshops, presented by Art Club members or invited guest artists.  These workshops are selected to fulfill the needs of our members.  Open studio times are scheduled throughout the summer season.  


Previous Workshops

  - Watercolor landscape techniques by Guest Artist Carol Mayer
  - Oil and Plein Air Painting
  - Drawing techniques and perspective
  - Matt cutting, silk painting, oriental brush technique, and basket weaving

Other Venues available to Club Members

  - The newly formed Craftsman’s Club
  - Knitting Club

   All these things we have to offer require inspiration.  If your passion is to record nature (sketch, photo, paint, or write) then this is the place for you.  Our property provides limitless opportunities for you to explore the Arts.