Deer Hunting

The Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club owns and manages 35,000 acres to maximize hunting opportunities for our members.  With only approximately 225 deer hunters on our almost 52 square mile property, there is plenty of land to find a quiet place to enjoy your hunt without hearing anything but the wind blowing.  Because of the efforts of our forestry program and food plot volunteers and minimal antler restrictions, we continue to harvest older larger bucks, even in lean years.  Many of our members take advantage of this large tract of land and low hunting pressure to go back to the old ways.  They hunt without bait and sit, stalk or use grunts and rattling to attract the older bucks that roam the Club.  HSC is home to a higher percentage of older bucks because of our rule forbiddng the harvest of spike horns.  Members are allowed to keep 1 permanent blind (shack), 1 tree stand and 1 portable blind on the property year round.  Bow and muzzle-loader hunters will find the property with less human interference, because during these seasons usually less than 10 members participate.

Grouse Hunting

The grouse hunting on HSC has been fabulous for many years because of low hunting pressure and a timber program that focuses on wildlife habitat and not financial gain.    Fresh aspen cuts and open grasslands are optimal for this elusive and tasty treat.  Dog hunters will find the especially enjoyable because you can hunt all day sometimes and never see another hunter in the woods.


Bear Hunting

The bear hunting at HSC is very good.  We take about 3 to 6 bear a year from the club and usually have about 10 hunters share the woods.  Club members are allowed to have special blinds for bear hunting but they must be placed prior to the season and removed afterward.  Members are also allowed to hunt with MEMBER owned dogs.  No non-member dogs are allowed on the Club; however, we have not had anyone hunt on the Club with dogs for at least 10 years.

Quality Game Management Unit (QGMU)

The Hiawatha Sportsman Club maintains ~400 acre parcel of our property with special rules to offer a “Quality Deer Management” style hunt.  The property is located on some of our best land with nearly 30% of the parcel being in food plots and agricultural fields.  The Club maintains several blinds on the QGMU for members to use.  The first 5 days of the firearm season is by lottery.  Only 5 hunters per day are allowed.  The rest of the firearm season, as well as bow and muzzleloader seasons are first come-first serve.  The QGMU offers a different style of hunt for our members that are looking for a trophy buck or just want to hunt in a more natural setting.



There are many opportunities for Duck and Goose hunters on HSC.  Any of the many lakes and small ponds on the property has jump-shooting duck and goose opportunities.  The upper and lower Millecoquins are old favorites for pass shooting ducks and for those that like to hunt from a boat, Millecoquins Lake is a great lake to set up on in the early morning.  The QGMU also has 3 pit blinds located in our food plots and directly adjacent to our 5 acre QGMU pond.  Whether it is by land, canoe, or boat, there are many great opportunities for water fowlers to get in some shooting.


Food Plots

The Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club has approximately 120 acres of food plots and adding more every year.  The majority of the plots are trail plots, created during logging operation.  Plantings over the last several years have been in rotation, including winter wheat, soybeans, a turnip mix, corn, and radishes.  Some of the bigger fields are planted with a combination of several grains.  The main purpose of the food plots is to provide an additional food source other than natural browsing to keep our deer herd as healthy as possible.

Hunter Education

The Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club is proud to help with local Hunter Education Classes offered through the State of Michigan.  Many of our members volunteer with the field day portion of the class.

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