Family Fun

A-B-Cs of HSC Family Fun; use as a game, a guide, or invent your own alphabet mix!

A is for Air, the fresh, clear, expansive horizon of U.P. blue skies, for birds soaring, kites flying, and cloud shapes to be named.

B is for Beaches, for swimming, splashing, building sand castles, having beach picnics, and strolling along the water's edge.

C is for Camping and Campfires, with dancing flame and smoke in your eye, for making smores, singing songs, and telling tales.

D is for Ducks, water fowl, and all manner of creatures swimming on or under our waters, and wading along the shoreline.

E is for Events, family fun that happens daily in our club. Have you read the summer weekly recreation schedule?

F is for Fishing, from cane pole to fly rods. What fun to fish as a family, encouraging each other, and comparing catches.

G is for Golf and Games, whether heading for our beautiful course, or to the recreation center for a family game, it's there FORE! your enjoyment.

H is for Hikes and Hayrides through our forested tracks. Bring your field books and song sheets.

I is for Ice, in a cold drink, ice fishing or ice skating, and delicious local ice cream on a hot day.

J is for Jet skis and tubes that hurl us across lake surfaces. "That was awesome! Can we do it again?"

K is for Kayaking, canoeing, and boating our many waterways.

L is for Lakes, Michigan, Millecoquins, Cranberry, Elbow, and still more inviting your visit and use.

M is for Manitou Lodge Museum, and the Naomi Children's Museum. Beautiful spots with worlds of information, programs, and family activities.

N is for our Northern Nights with magnified sounds, stars, constellations, and the Milky Way silently spinning above.

O is for Observing nature around us. Water and stone, the animals, plants and trees that shape and inhabit our world

P is for picking berries, raspberries, blackberries, huckleberries, and of course blueberries. Fill your pail!

Q is for the Quiet times that touch our hearts, sharing the stillness of dawn, a breeze that cools our face, or the glow of sunset.

R is for Recreational vehicles that carefully explore lumber era trails around our club.

S is for Snow, Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, Winter Carnival, and all manner of winter pastimes at Hiawatha.

T is for Trails and Tennis partners, taking a drive with binoculars, pail, and snacks, or driving your tennis ball to score, LOVE!

U is for the unique treasures we members steward at our club. For friendships, family fun, and cherished memories.

V is for vegetation, from the delicate wildflower to towering pines that adorn and define our landscape.

W is for Wildlife which often catches us unaware, and reminds us of how close our connection to the wild is here.

X is for the 'Xtra' special family times we have vacationing at the Hiawatha Sportsman's Club. Take your family and favorite dish to potluck!

Y is for Young Hiawathas kids having fun, learning new games and crafts, making new friends.

Z is for ZZZzzzz!; the sound of a great night’s sleep after another terrific day of HSC family fun.

Family camp fire
Ice Cream Social Event
Playing Beach Volleyball
Mini Golf TournamentFamily exploring trails
Family taking the discovery walk trail