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Since Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club’s beginning, keeping members informed about the latest happenings at “The Club” has been a priority.  Starting in 1927, information was sent via the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club Newsletter from the main office which was at that time located in Lansing, Michigan. 

In March of 1930, the first edition of the Council Fire was published.  It states that “The Council Fire is the official publication of the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club of the Longfellow Country in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.”  In 1934, the Board of Governors passed a resolution that this publication should be continued from time to time. Since then, the Council Fire has taken on many different looks with many different editors over the years, but it has remained the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club’s information vessel to its members.

Our membership is scattered over a large territory; in fact, members are in 38 different states and three countries.  Although many of our members only ‘get up to the Club’ once a year, we believe every member is interested in the progress the Club is making, and in how other members are doing.  The Council Fire has been the most essential and the most ideal medium to keep Club members informed about the latest happenings at the Club.  It is intended to help form a strong bond of fellowship in the organization by keeping all members acquainted with the endeavors of their various fellow members. 

The Council Fire is currently published three times a year; February, May, and October. Article and picture submissions are appreciated and can be submitted to the Club Office at N7269 Lake Blvd, Engadine, MI 49827, or by email:

Submission Deadlines are:

Winter Issue:  January 30th

Summer Preview Issue:  April 30th

Fall Issue:  September 30th