The Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club is a vast area encompassing over 35,000 acres.  Throughout the club members enjoy not only hundreds of miles of trails, but also a variety of topographical features and landscapes typical to Michigan. 

HSC Explorer Map

The HSC Explorer Map is a great reference for both new and old members. While not to scale, the map, nevertheless, is a fun and colorful guide to not only HSC property but also, with several inserts, to three local towns: Engadine, Naubinway, and Curtis. Features such as our four cabin groups, the golf course, picnic area, and area businesses are easily found on this map.
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Exploer Map North of H40 Explorer Map South of H40

USGS Topography Maps

The Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club boundaries cover 6 different USGS Topography Map Sheets.  The HSC Office has available; one combined custom topography maps, which includes the club boundaries.  These maps are available as posters or in folded water-resistant versions.

Grossman Forestry Maps

Maps of Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club forests are provided to us by our Forester, Mr. Gerald Grossman.  These maps are all to scale and come in many different varieties.  Paper printed maps of our extensive trail system are available to members at no cost.

Maps of our forest types, our recent tree harvesting efforts, and our food plot plantings are also available to our members.
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Forest Types Flot Map

Plat Maps

Plat Maps of our plotted lots are available in digital form upon request.  If you are interested in purchasing property, these maps can be helpful in locating lots that are currently for sale.  Please contact the club office if you would like a particular plat map emailed to you.