Winter Sports

Kayak boats - Sunset
Kayak Launch
River Regatta
Sailing tubing
Wood pecker hole in tree


If you love to explore like so many of our members, then don’t let the beauty of winter escape you. The quiet forests with softly falling snow present you with contrasts of pure white and deep green pines. 

We invite you to travel by snowshoe or cross country skis for a breathtaking experience as you are surrounded by the grandeur of our deep woods. If you prefer to travel by snowmobile, we offer groomed trails throughout our 35,000 acres.
(Yes. Thirty-five THOUSAND!) 



Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club offers members over 50 miles of private, groomed trails that traverse our magnificent property. Most of these trails are accessible through either A or N Trail gates in the northern section of our beautiful HSC. You can also enjoy excellent snowmobiling journeys on trails along Greylock Trail and G trail south of the pipeline in the lower half of the Club. Members can access the Upper Peninsula snowmobile trail system from our property.

Maintained Snowmobile Trails:

• A Trail north to Pull Up Lake
• E Trail from A Trail to Cranberry Lodge
• C Trail
• Dollar Lake Trail
• Finn Farm Rd
• B Trail
• S Trail
• Camp 7 Trail
• P Trail
• N Trail
• Cold Creek Trail
• Pole Gate Trail
• Tennis Court Rd to Pole Gate
• G Trail south of the pipeline
• Greylock Trail



HSC maintains a 2.5 mile long, groomed trail, equaling a 5 mile ski if you go round trip. The trail head is at the sand pit on N Trail and runs east. The first 1.5 miles meander through thick forest with gentle hills. The last 1 mile opens up and levels out. Enjoy the peaceful scenery and quiet snow in the woods and watch for our furry and feathery friends.


Snowshoeing can be done on all the HSC snowmobile trails.  For those who like breaking trail the opportunities are limitless.  Many members form their own trails over the winter and would be glad to share their locations.  Access the various related forums under winter sports on the social media side of the website.  


Lake Millecoquins offers great ice fishing.  Ice usually begins to form in December, and by January there is plenty of ice to start fishing and set up your ice shanty.  Northern pike, Bluegill, Walleye, and Yellow perch are the species sought after during our ice fishing season. 

Winter Events

Local community events include the “Annual Antique and Vintage Snowmobile Show and Ride” (held in Naubinway, Michigan) the Winter Carnival held on Millecoquin Lake in Engadine, Michigan.

Visit “Top of the Lake Communities Association” website for more information.

he Newberry Area Chamber of Commerce has a very good current events page and often refers to the HSC.